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Hello Everyone!

Thank you for your understanding while I redesign this site. All three of my sites were lost when I transferred hosting services.

I had been thinking for about a week how I wanted to redesign them. Then, bam! All three sites down at the same time.

However, if you have come by to reach out and/or for more information, the Reach Mary link will connect you to my email.

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My name is Mary Dancing Waters and I heartily welcome you to Empath Awareness!

 I am the owner of Dancing Waters Enterprises and Harmonic Organizing & Design.

I have created the Empath Awareness, Empathically Designed, Clair~ability, and Treasured Life Mapping, programs and curricula to offer more clarity regarding empathic abilities and to provide tools, guidance, and support, for creating and living a fulfilled life that you cherish and treasure. And too, to dispel myths about Empaths and empathic abilities.

I have provided counseling, coaching, and consulting services to highly sensing and neuro-diverse clients around the world for over three decades.

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